Affiliates Zone - Secure Your Future

Affiliates Zone - Secure Your Future

Building Wealth

In general getting ahead financially requires various investment avenues, 401(k), savings, etc. What Kaoolo Motors offers is innovative. We have built an exceptional Affiliate Program for people that have no money to invest, folks with absolutely zero financial power. How does an extra $40,000 recurrent yearly income sounds like to you? How about $90,000? … or more? We provide the cars, you set your financial goal, build your team, and start cashing out.
Build your base, get  setup for life

Genesis - How It All Began

Shortly after I moved to the USA A few years ago, I was in the need of my first car. A friend & neighbor – Greg- volunteered with a lot of excitement to give me a ride to a dealer that he claimed had nice cars at good prices. After sale was completed, Greg claimed his $50 referral fees – Now I understood his motivation-

As far as I know, he had referred at least 15 customers to that dealership before moving out of town. Two out of my six referees had already referred some people there, and I am sure the chain will continue.

Thanks to Greg's work, that dealer will be making a lot of sales/money for years, and yet he had only made $50.

That’s not fair.

Seeing this, I promised to myself that if I ever create a business, I will make sure that my employees, affiliates, and partners are very well taken care of.

That’s why I came up with this innovative idea that allows people to grow a solid income stream for life, with the opportunity to bequeath their positions to heirs or simply sell it.

Earning Streams

Traditionally, used cars dealerships offer a one-time referral fees. At Kaoolo motors, we believe that this is unfair to the referrer because you never get paid if the same customer buys 2 or 10 more cars from the dealerships. Also, they do not pay you a dime if your customer refers other customers to the dealership. We have decided to come up with a referral compensation plan that allows you to earn the most out of your work with

  • 10-Level compensation plan
  • You have nine income streams: Commissions from your direct referrals, and commissions from your referees who have joined the program, up to 10 levels down...big cash

  • Life-time recurrent payment
  • For life, you will get paid every time new or returning customers buy a car from any of your down lines, up to the 10th level

  • Pass it down or even sell it
  • We give you the unique and unprecedented opportunity to either bequeath your position to your heirs, or simply sell it

With this program, people like Greg could have been setup for life. Whether or not they relocate, they their business would keep growing, and he will still receive his checks

How It Works

Let’s explain this with a simple example.

Level 1) Build your base -10 referrals-

When you refer one customer who finalizes a sale, you get $100 commission.

So 10 people = $1000

If these 10 people decide to join your team, you could make them your base. If not, you will need to find the remaining people to build up your 10 recruits base (see how to join section)

Level 2) Your referees’ referees

When one of your 10 referees refers a customer you get $22 per sale. When each of the 10 referees build their team of 10, the level is full. You make  $22x10x10=$2200 for Level 2

Level 3-10) Level 3… Level 10

From Level 3 down you make $4 per referral. This gives you the following data:
With Level 3 completion you pocket $4000,

Level4 = $40,000
Level5 = $400,000
Level6 = $4,000,000
Level7 = $40,000,000
Level8 = $400,000,000
Level9 = $4,000,000,000
Level10 = $40,000,000,000

How To Join

There are two ways to join Kaoolo Motors Affiliate program:

1- You can refer one person who buys a car. This gives you $100 and a free access to the program

2- You can pay a non-refundable $20 to reserve your place and start building your business. With this option, you have up to 6 months to confirm your position by referring at least one buyer if you want to stay in the program

Get Paid Monthly

You decide how and when you want to get paid. Minimum payment is $100. All payments are made on the 15th of each month at no cost to you

However, a $15 processing fees is applied to every additional payment requested within the same month.

You can choose to get paid by check or provide a bank account for direct deposit.